What are the solutions?

Community Partnerships

By creating initiatives, programs, systems, and communities that respond collaboratively and respectfully to homeless women, we are able to have a larger impact in the homeless community.  Our partnership with Canvas Community Church and The Van have provided a means for AWO to be an extension of existing services, reaching a larger population. 

Coordination with Local Health Care Services

We aim to improve coordination between community programs and local health care services.  By offering a resource list with detailed services, AWO is able to provide a connection to these services and coordinate with other community programs to ensure these women have adequate transportation.

Access to Education and Regular STI Testing

We provide a safe space for HIV/STI testing, reproductive health education, and discussion. The women are able to get answers to questions regarding their health, discuss personal issues in a safe environment, and make connections that reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Access to Basic Items

We are able to consistently provide items that fulfill a basic human need, such as feminine hygiene products. We are filling a gap in donations desperately needed by the women we serve.

Acknowledging Women

By providing resources unique to women, we’re validating their needs as woman and as a person.