Our mission is to improve the lives of women by providing direct access to the resources they need.


Hosting a donation drive is an easy way to support AWO.   Simply email us at arkansaswomensoutreach@gmail.com.  

We will work with you on setting up all the details.  We will drop off a box and fliers for you to use, we can supply a digital document if you’d like to email your donation drive information or post it on social media, we will set up a pick up time with you to pick up the donations you collect or you can schedule a time to drop off your donations at our office.  


  • Tampons (regular, super, and super plus)
  • Pads (heavy with wings)
  • Adult Diapers (S/M & L/XL, Depends are most popular)
  • Wipes
  • Pregnancy Tests
  • Condoms (Durex and Trojan are most popular)
  • Cotton Underwear (all sizes but size 6 - 10 are the most requested)
  • Sports Bras (all sizes but size L / XL are the most requested)
  • Lightly Used or New Bras (all sizes but larger are the most requested)


Donated items may be dropped off or mailed to:  2701 Kavanaugh Blvd, Suite 203, Little Rock, AR, 72205.  If you're dropping off a donation, please contact via email beforehand, arkansaswomensoutreach@gmail.com.  Our office hours vary.

Get Involved.  

Learn more about Volunteer Opportunities.  Check our calendar for options.  Contact us here to register.

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